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The psychology of successful real estate investing. 

The way you think will determine whether you live in a rich house, where good financial attitudes habits and information exists.  Or whether you live in a poor house where bad money habits and attitudes prevail and can ruin a family for generations without ever realizing it.

Our psychology affects the way we perceive everything.  Depending on our perceptions, this real estate crisis will be a stumbling block where money and equity gains will be lost.  Or a stepping stone, where a plethora of opportunity awaits, and wealth will be created with foreclosures, flips and very important real estate tips.

FOR THE PRICE OF A FEW MOVIE TICKETS.  or a FAST FOOD MEAL.  This book can save or make you thousands.

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"Thought provoking, humorous, and intense.  Mr. Brown always under promises and over delivers!"

Dr. William K. Lyles, psychologist


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