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  These select before and after images
show the magical transformation that took place with this home. 
What was once dull, drab, and unremarkable;
now is bright and cheery, and quite extraordinary!

Click on any image to see a larger view.

      Above you see on the left, the view from within the old kitchen, looking back to the water.  The interior had a boxy feel to it, sectional walls took away from the flow of the space.  On the right the area has been opened up, creating a bright and flowing environment.  An area that welcomes socializing and gathering.

      Here on the left we have the old kitchen.  It is typical of the era;  utilitarian, contained, unwelcoming.  On the right we show the new kitchen;  Quite the contray, the new kitchen is inviting, welcoming, and a central hub of activity in the new home.

     On the left the old front to rear view of the home. The terrazo floor gave the appearance of a cave, hard dull surface with a low ceiling.  The front to rear view of the new interior has depth, the hardwood floor "mirrors" the water view, effectively doubling the effect on the viewer.  The area appears to be twice as large.
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